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Vans Cleaners and Alterations

Vans Dry Cleaners and Alteration has become one of the Chandler Arizona's premier Dry Cleaning and Alteration of choice for those who expect more than just another cleaners. Our dedicated staff is committed

to delivering high quality dry cleaning and alteration services that exceeds all others and builds lasting

relationships between us and you.

Why should you choose Van's Cleaners and Alteration?
Vans Dry Cleaners and Alterations was built on the old fashion belief that the customer is the most valuable part of the business. With that focus our business has grown not only as a result of the quality of work that is delivered, but from the loyalty of our customers and the faith they show by sending their family, friends and co-workers. 

What about the cost of dry cleaning and alterations?

Here at Vans Cleaners and Alterations we believe that you do not need to spend a million dollars to look like a millionaire. Vans Cleaners and Alterations maintains a more than competitive price and delivers a top quality result. 

What about the Quality and the Service?

Vans Dry Cleaning and Alterations success comes from our loyal customers and the family, friends and co-workers they send. If our customers send us referrals, and those referrals send us more referrals then that is more then we can say to about the quality and service that we provide.

We look forward to seeing you today!

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